Senior Companionship Care Giver

Here at Senior Home Care, we understand that family members cannot always provide the level of care and attention that an elderly loved one can require. There are physical and medical concerns to be managed, along with companionship and emotional needs that we as family members want to be available for around the clock, but can’t realistically provide. This is where our highly-trained team of caring, attentive professional caregivers can step in and remove the burden of worry and stress for your family, while providing a sense of independence and fulfillment for your aging parent or grandparent.

For years our team of passionate caregivers have been in the business of providing a higher quality of life for hundreds of seniors around the Jackson Metro area. This is why our reputation for excellence in service is well known—not only among our past and present clients, but among the senior care service providers throughout our community as well. Over the years we have developed strong working relationships with nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and other senior-serving organizations that can help provide for quicker and more seamless access as needs arise for your loved one.

Our focus when we first meet you and your loved one will be getting to the know the specifics of your situation and family circumstances. We want to get to know our clients as well as possible, so that we can create the best possible custom-tailored plan for their needs, whether physical, mental or emotional. We know that relationships are important, and so we take care to select just the right caregiver to meet your loved one’s unique needs. Our caregivers receive ongoing training in best practices for senior care, and will channel all of their knowledge, expertise and passion for service into providing your parent or grandparent with the best quality of life possible for them. It is not unusual for our caregivers and their clients to be seen walking through a park, taking in the view of the reservoir, or going to a local book reading or other event in the community. The care we at Senior Home Care provide to your loved one is much more than the helping around the house, the assistance keeping up with meals, medications or other personal care issues—it’s about providing an experience of joy, independence and companionship that the elderly need and deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.