Personalized Care Giving

If your elderly parent or grandparent seems to have trouble getting around or maintaining household or other personal routines like they used to, please don’t wait to contact our friendly team of professionals  here at Senior Home Care. Our talented, passionate caregivers would like nothing more than the chance to show you and your loved one what a difference the care and attention of a dedicated companion and caregiver can make for your loved one’s daily life—and your peace of mind.

Each of our team of qualified professional caregivers are skilled and experienced in the art of providing quality care to seniors. We have caregivers with nursing aide licensure, Alzheimer’s and dementia training, and other specialized areas of expertise. Whatever the needs of your elderly loved one, Our team of professionals here at Senior Home Care can either meet it, or help your loved one or your family quickly find just the right resource to meet it if it is anywhere outside of our scope of expertise. You can count on our senior care specialists to give you the information and assistance you need.

One of the benefits of allowing us at Senior Home Care to serve your elderly loved one, is our strong connections with needed senior resources throughout the community. We have been serving the Jackson Metro area for a long time, and over these years of experience we have established positive working relationships with retirement facilities, medical offices, and nursing homes that give our clients a leg up in securing excellence in service from these local providers. When your parent or grandparent requires a transition to one of these places, our team here at Senior Home Care will do the leg work necessary to line up the paperwork and other steps needed to clear your personal caregiver for ongoing attendance to your loved one throughout their stay.

Whether at home or in a temporary hospital or other stay, the Senior Home Care professional who provides care and companionship for your loved one will be there, ensuring our client’s comfort and sense of ease whatever the environment or circumstance. Especially in an unfamiliar environment, having a caring, attentive companion on hand to respond to needs as they arise, and to provide conversation and encouragement is so important. The value of a helping hand and trained, skilled eye for potential needs or changes in health or physical condition cannot be underestimated. It’s also our specialty. Please reach out to us to schedule a free, no-strings-attached consultation today.