Home Health Care & Hospice Companionship

The final years, months, days and hours of our lives are moments to be treasured and spent with grace and dignity no matter our physical or mental condition at the time. At Senior Home Care we believe in the value and honor of providing companionship and care to seniors in the final stages of life. This is why we select only the most compassionate, skilled caregivers for our team of senior care professionals, and uphold a standard of excellence in service that is known by all of our clients, past and present. Our commitment is to provide your loved one with the best possible quality of life that they can experience during their stay in hospice, whether in the care of a hospice facility or within the setting of their own home.

Senior Home Care caregivers are familiar with the hospice and other end of life agencies located in and around the Jackson Metro area and are able to coordinate with their staff and team to ensure that your loved one receives the ongoing personalized care and attention they need throughout their time in hospice. Our passionate, qualified caregivers will be by your loved one’s side to offer comfort, companionship and any assistance we can possibly provide. Our services can be made available around the clock, or at designated times that you or your family aren’t able to be present with your loved one.

The care and companionship that our caregivers provide are all based around a personalized plan that we will create to suit the individual needs and circumstances of your elderly loved one. When our Senior Home Care caregiver arrives to the home or hospice setting of your loved one, they will come prepared as experts in the preferences, interests and particular needs of your parent or grandparent. Our attention to the personal details and ways we can provide special moments of relief and connection with our clients during this difficult time in their lives is what sets us apart from the others in our industry. We are a relationship-focused company with a big heart that is open to you, your family and your loved one in need of our care. Contact us today to set up a free consultation about your family’s needs.