End of Life Care

The quality of life that your love one experiences in their final years, weeks or days matters. It matters to you and it matters to us. Our expertise in end of life care here at Senior Home Care comes from years of experience providing not only physical care, but emotional and spiritual comfort and care-giving for our clients as well. We understand the difficulties and stresses that can arise during this critical time, and we know how to help your loved one and family alleviate those and experience as much relief and peace as possible.

When you reach out to our team of care-giving professionals here at Senior Home Care, our first priority will be to get know your family’s situation on a personal level. We will assess the medical and personal history and current status of your loved one, as well as their preferences and desires for engagement with an in-home caregiver. The caregiver that we provide to our client’s home will be carefully selected according to the unique needs and characteristics of your loved one, with consideration given to style of connection and companionship. Our qualified, passionate caregiver will arrive at your loved one’s door or bedside with a full understanding of the physical, mental and emotional needs that are special to your case, and with a plan of action custom-tailored to meet and exceed those needs.

Senior Home Care will be your front-line eyes and ears so that you will be kept informed as your loved one’s situation develops or changes, by the day or as needed. Although we operate according to a plan of action carefully constructed for the needs of your loved one, nothing is constant and we are always ready to shift course according to changing needs and circumstances. Over the years our team here at Senior Home Care has established long-standing relationships with senior care resource providers all over the Jackson Metro area, so you can rest assured that we can act quickly and efficiently to meet any medical or other needs—even in cases of emergency—as they arise.

With certified nursing aides on staff to provide any medication oversight or other needed expertise, and compassionate caregivers ready and eager to connect with your loved one in a personal, meaningful way, we at Senior Home Care hope that you will give us the opportunity to share our knowledge, skill and passion with your loved one and family during this important stage of life. Contact us now to begin a conversation about how we can help bring a sense of independence and peace to your elderly parent or grandparent as soon as tomorrow.