Our Expertise

The years of continued education, professional development and experience providing senior care services to clients throughout the Jackson Metro area have earned Senior Home Care a lasting reputation among families, medical facilities and other senior-serving providers in our community. We are proud to say that our roster of expert, passionate caregivers are known for their consistent professionalism, skill and the deep level of compassion that they bring to their work with our clients.

Our history here at Senior Home Care is one that we are proud of. From our founding day as a locally-owned company dedicated to providing high quality care to senior in our community, we have kept a focus on the one thing that we believe sets us apart from all others in our field: our personal touch.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to relationships in our line of work. From our clients themselves, to their families that reach out to us, and to the senior care facilities spanning the Metro area with which we have established strong ties for the benefit of our clients—these are all relationships that we prize and cherish, because we know the value that they hold. When we get to know our clients, their families, and the medical or other senior care organizations that we can coordinate with to help serve them, then we can ensure that the seniors that we work with are receiving the best, most personalized care for their unique needs. And that is everything to us, because we know that it is everything to our clients and their loved ones.

Our team of professional caregivers here at Senior Home Care are ready and eager to provide your loved one with the specialized care and attention that they need and deserve. We encourage you to come see us today to find out how we can create a custom-tailored plan to meet your aging parent or grandparent’s specific needs. We will review their history and profile with you to determine not only their physical and health-related needs and requirements, but also their personal likes, dislikes, background and interests so that we can begin to understand what unique activities, resources or other special care we might be able to provide to bring the most joy and fulfillment we can to their everyday life. We hope you will give us the chance to craft the personalized plan of care that your loved one.