What if my loved one has to go to the hospital?

If your loved one goes to the hospital for any reason, we want to help alleviate the stress and difficulty that this can bring to your family. As soon as you know that a hospital stay will be required—even if it is a last minute phone call due to an emergency situation—please let us know so that we can be there to assist yo to the degree you would like us to assist. We can provide a caregiver to be with your loved one during their stay, and help them as they transition home, helping to ensure that they follow their doctors recommendations and are reminded to take medications and anything else needed to assist in their comfortable recovery.

Are your caregivers licensed nursing aides?

We do have some caregivers that are licensed CNA’s, or Certified Nursing Aides, that can provide more advanced medication and other qualified assistance, but not all of our caregivers fall into this category. Rest assured, however, that each one of our caregivers is carefully screened and evaluated to ensure their ability to provide quality care and assistance for your loved one. Should your love done at any time need the specific care best provided by a certified CNA, then we will be able to meet that need with one of our qualified team members.

How will you find the right caregiver for my loved one?

When we take on a new client, we will consider the background, expertise and personality of our team of caregivers in order to best match your loved one with the perfect companion for their needs. While we can’t guarantee that the same caregiver will work with you every single time, we do introduce new caregivers every so often to ensure that there is always a familiar face available when your regular caregiver is not available. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our match-making skills at any time, just let us know and we’ll do what it takes to find the perfect fit for you and your family.


How do you maintain your reputation for the best team of caregivers in the Metro area?

First, each caregiver we hire here at Senior Home Care is carefully evaluated and put through a strict screening process that includes background checks, drug testing and a thorough review of professional references. We are represented by only the best in professional senior care, with a staff that has decades of collective experience and dedication to providing quality, personalized care and companionship to the elderly.